Why Trondheim?

Trøndelag has had a fantastic development as a food region. Skilled chefs and world-class ingredients have been noticed - and now we are looking forward to hosting on behalf of Norway.

Home of nordic Flavours

People have been traveling to Trondheim since long before the Viking Age. Not only was the city Norway's Viking capital and later a solemn pilgrimage destination, but the region was also a favorite food destination. Thanks to a series of coincidences dating back millions of years, Trøndelag has a terroir that is nothing short of a gastronomist's dream.

Here, people discovered the fertile soil, fjords and mountains, with a myriad of seafood and wildlife.

Trøndelag has the perfect breeding ground for world-class ingredients - this is the Home of Nordic Flavours!

- Norway is already the most winning nation in the Bocuse d'Or. Now that the competition is coming to Trondheim, the world's gastronomic eyes are once again turned towards our country. This is a national event and we in Trøndelag are looking forward to hosting on behalf of Norway. This will give us a unique opportunity to showcase Norway and Trøndelag and produce from all over the country. The event is scheduled for March, when seafood in Norway and Trøndelag is at its best, which will be reflected in the ingredients both in the competition and on the menus of the city's restaurants. 

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Image of Trondheim Spektrum

Arena for the competition

Trondheim Spektrum is a multi-purpose arena for sports, culture and business. Bocuse d'Or Europe is held in Hall A - the largest of the halls in Trondheim Spektrum with over 5000 square meters of floor space.

There is grandstand space for about 3,500 visitors who can cheer on the 20 competing teams. It will be possible to buy food, drinks and snacks during the competition days March 19-20 in Trondheim Spektrum. EXPO and professional seminars will be held in nearby halls.

Trondheim Spektrum is located at Klostergata 90, 7030 Trondheim and is about a 10-15 minute walk from Trondheim city center.
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From five-star luxury to relaxed atmosphere, Trondheim's hotels let you pick and choose. Wake up to the sound of the hustle and bustle, in narrow avenues or wide streets, by lush promenades and fresh waterfronts. If you live in the city center, you're within walking distance of everything from refined restaurants to grand sights. Check in for a day, or check in for a week. Trondheim makes it easy to feel at home.

From Trøndelag's big city to Norway's food capital! Trondheim has reached the boiling point - a gastronomic Mecca awaits. Taste your way through cozy cafés and modern gourmet, shining in the light of three Michelin stars. Local produce offers world-class food magic in the city that has been named European Region of Gastronomy 2022. There's only one thing to say here: Enjoy.

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Picture of Trondheim from the river Nidelven