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Professional seminar for the industry

we organize a seminar in Trondheim Spektrum in collaboration with NHO Reiseliv and Næringsforeningen i Trondheimsregion v/fagråd reiseliv.


Tuesday, March 19:
10:00 - 11:15
Mendelssohn salen in Trondheim Spektrum

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Guro Angell Gimse - CONFERENCES

Guro Angell Gimse is regional director of NHO Trøndelag and is our presenter for the seminars during Bocuse d'Or Europe in Trondheim.

Guro Angell Gimse has a police education and a background in communication and as a politician in municipalities, county councils and the Norwegian Parliament.

Image by Guro Angell Gimse


With an ageing population and low birth rates, Norwegian businesses are facing major recruitment challenges. The tourism industry in Trondheim has been working actively on recruitment for several years, and the city's restaurant and food science courses have some of the best application figures in the country. Restaurant and food science has also become one of the most popular educational programs in Trondheim. How did this happen?
Get your own perspectives
fromAslaug Rustad and Eyvind Hellstrøm himself.

But recruitment is just as much about building good teams, creating security and commitment at all levels. And managers must lead by example. Anne Marte Pensgaard, sports psychologist at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and mental coach for Filip Bendi and Team Norway, gives you practical advice.

How to attract foodies to cities or restaurants in rural areas

Professional seminar

Wednesday, March 20:
09:00 - 10:15
Location: Mendelssohn hall in Trondheim Spektrum

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Lasse Berre - Presenter

Lasse Berre is a Norwegian photographer, business leader and speaker. Berre was educated at Brooks Institute of Photography in the USA. He has worked as a photographer in fashion and advertising, and lived and worked in the US until 1996.

Lasse is a foodie himself and was co-responsible for the application for Trondheim and Trøndelag to host Bocuse d'Or Europe 2024.

Image by Lasse Berre

How to attract foodies to cities or restaurants in rural areas
Food and drink experiences; On the fringes of the travel industry or in the eye of the storm of destinations in Europe?

Tronsvang, owner and founder of UpNorway, which tailors Norwegian trips that can contribute to sustainable tourism development in Europe.

‍Måltidsmagik - Creating unforgettable experiences through effective communication?
Sainabou, founder and director of Madland in Copenhagen. Madland is a food policy community that wants to bring about a sustainable change in the food system in Denmark.

Thebalance between Taste, Visual Appeal and Atmosphere
- How to Attract Food Enthusiasts to Rural Areas. Wewill be visited by a former Bocuse d'Or winner!

Image by Torunn tronsvang

Torunn tronsvang

Torunn holds a Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management from The Emirates Academy and Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne, and an MBA from NHH. She is also educated in Transformational Travel Design. She has held roles in general management, quality assurance and experience development at Anantara Hotels & Resorts in Thailand and the Maldives, Jumeirah Hotels in Dubai and Aman in Bhutan. Before founding Up Norway in 2016, she worked for seven years as a consultant in Norwegian tourism. Torunn is recognized as one of Conde Nast's Top Travel Specialists and is on Travel + Leisure's A-List.

Read more at upnorway.com

Image by Marie sainabou jeng

Marie sainabou jeng

Marie has worked with communication, PR and communication specializing in gastronomy, food and meals for 20 years in Copenhagen. She has worked as a food reviewer for Dagbladet Informasjon and White Guide. Today, she is the founder and host of Madland, which initiates festivals, study tours, lectures and publishes magazines, podcasts and articles with the key players working for a fair, healthy and sustainable food system. Madland brings together and sets the stage for food citizens, chefs, farmers, fishermen, producers, merchants, students, food and media professionals with the aim of rethinking the food system. Marie tells about and shows cases of actors who are rethinking gastronomy and gastrotourism.

Read more at https://madland.dk/

Image by Régis Marcon

Régis Marcon

Known everywhere as the chef of the mountains, passionate about cross-country skiing, he manages his family's inn transformed into a temple of gastronomic excellence.

His reputation, acquired in numerous competitions including the Bocuse d'Or, and especially the quality of his cooking, has attracted local and international food lovers to his nest in the village of St Bonnet-le-Froid. He settles with Michèle, his wife in 1979 in the family inn.

In 2005, he built a new Restaurant Régis et Jacques Marcon (Michelin 3*), realizing his dream of building a resolutely modern establishment on top of a hill overlooking the nature that has always fascinated and inspired him.

Guests can stay at the hotel, which received an Ecolabel in 2009 for its eco-friendly design and operation. The restaurant also gave his son Jacques and now Paul the opportunity to transform the passion transmitted by his father into a profession chosen above all for its pleasure.

Image by Ørjan Johannesen

Ørjan Johannesen

With both gold in Bocuse d´Or 2012 and 2015, co-owner and operator of the family business Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri and the boutique hotel Beckerwyc house - Ørjan is ready for an inspiring talk about Norwegian food tourism. Opened the restaurant Mirabelle By Ørjan Johannessen Nov. 2023 with a focus on Iceland gastronomy, which means the ingredients and what we have around us!

"I'm looking forward to starting a new culinary journey with high ambitions. It's been eight years since winning the Bocuse d'Or. The dedication and emotion around precision and taste is a longing that I have felt, which can now be realized through our new restaurant Mirabelle.

Together with my team of chefs and waiters, I always put together a tasting menu that first and foremost reflects Bekkjarvik in Austevoll and the islands around us, while also drawing inspiration from far and near.

We will work hard every day to create unique dining experiences for our guests. Mirabelle is my new gastronomic heart child."

Sustainable food system

Professional seminar

Wednesday, March 20:
11:00 - 14:00
Location: Mendelssohn salen in Trondheim Spektrum

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Kirsten Indgjerd Værdal

Værdal has been director of planning, business and cultural heritage in Trøndelag County Council, and she has been director of agriculture at the County Governor of Nord-Trøndelag.

Værdal has also been chair of the Norwegian Farmers' Union.

Photo by Kirsten Indgjerd Værdal

A sustainable food system and food security in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The starting point for the dialogue meeting is the UN's description of a sustainable food system as a system that
provides food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic, social and environmental
basis for food security and nutrition for future generations is not weakened.

Profitability ensures economic sustainability, benefits evenly distributed in society ensures social sustainability, and a positive
or neutral impact on natural resources ensures environmental sustainability.

With this seminar, the organizers want to highlight these issues both internationally and nationally.

Image by Morten Aasland

Morten Aasland

Morten Aasland is Norway's ambassador to the Rome-based UN organizations; the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The UN's Rome-based organizations work in particular with agricultural and fisheries development, food security, nutrition, global standards and humanitarian efforts. The Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG2 on 'Zero Hunger' and adaptation to climate change, will underpin all efforts. Transformation of national and global food systems is also an important goal.

Food production must be redesigned to ensure sufficient, nutritious and healthy food for
everyone, produced sustainably and in a way that safeguards biodiversity and
natural resources.

Morten Aasland has a long-standing background in the Norwegian foreign service and has worked in a number of areas. In addition to positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo and a period as
civil servant at the Prime Minister's Office, he has served at several embassies and
permanent delegations.

Image by Arne bardalen

Arne bardalen

Arne Bardalen graduated as a civil agronomist from the Norwegian Agricultural University (now NMBU) in 1978. In 1993,
he was appointed Director of Agriculture, from 1998 Assistant County Governor and in 2001 Acting
County Governor of Oslo and Akershus.

Bardalen became Director of the Norwegian Institute of Soil and Forest Mapping (NIJOS) in 2001, then
he led the establishment of the Norwegian Institute of Forest and Landscape where he was Director 2006-2015.
From 2016 he was first Director of Research and since 2017 Special Advisor at the Norwegian Institute of
Bioeconomy (NIBIO).

Bardalen has 45 years of professional experience from the food and agricultural sector. He has chaired and participated in
several public committees, including on strategy for the Norwegian forest and wood industry, soil protection and land policy, bioeconomy, agriculture and climate challenges, and society's vulnerability to climate change.

In 2015-2016, he led the secretariat for the major report on "Agriculture and climate".

In 2016, he published the report "Agriculture's contribution to value creation in the bioeconomy". Together with colleagues at NIBIO, he has also written the technical basis for the updates of the Norwegian soil protection strategy in 2021 and 2023.

Image by Hildegunn Gjengedal

Hildegunn Gjengedal

Hildegunn Gjengedal is responsible for the international work of the Norwegian Farmers' Union.

She has previously been a political advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Lars Peder Brekk (Sp)
and has been the representative of the Norwegian Farmers' Union and the Norwegian Agricultural Cooperative Society in Brussels for four years.

Hildegunn Gjengedal is deputy chair of the Development Fund, and has previously served on the board of Fairtrade Norway and as deputy chair of Nei til EU.

She has a degree in political science and journalism.

Image by Anne Jødahl Skuterud

Anne Jødahl Skuterud

Anne Jødahl Skuterud is chair of the board of Felleskjøpet Agri and Norsk Landbrukssamvirke.

She has also been a member of the Total Preparedness Commission.

Skuterud runs a farm in Gjerdrum with grain production.

Skuterud is a lawyer and runs her own
consultancy business. Her involvement in agriculture started at an early age, and she is particularly interested in sustainable food production and the importance of agriculture for the country's preparedness and self-sufficiency.

Image by Lars Petter Bartnes

Lars Petter Bartnes

Lars Petter Bartnes has been a farmer with his wife since 1994. They run a joint operation with
milk, beef and grain together with a partner, and they also have their own chicken production.

Bartnes has worked for Norwegian agriculture at a national level for about 20 years through executive board positions
in Prior, Nortura and he has been the leader of the Norwegian Farmers' Union.
addition to running the farm, Bartnes is currently employed by Fjøssystemer, which sells indoor mechanization and energy solutions.

Bartnes is a trained agronomist and livestock agrotechnician in addition to his
officer training.

Image by Hilde Talseth

Hilde Talseth

Hilde Talseth is CEO of Norsk Kylling.

She has led several major projects in
the food industry, and has been responsible for Norsk Kylling's focus on sustainable innovation.

Talseth has led Norsk Kylling's transition to a slower-growing chicken type,
and been the project owner for the establishment of the company's new hatchery at Støren.

Talseth is concerned with how openness, learning and collaboration across the food industry is a
prerequisite for more responsible and sustainable food production.

She sits on the board of Pronofa,
and Kjøtt- og Fjørfebransjens Landsforbund (KLF).

Image by Nina Sundqvist

Nina Sundqvist

Nina Sundqvist is CEO of the Norwegian Food Foundation. She has previously been Director of Communications at Nortura.

Sundqvist is a trained officer, major by degree and has worked in the Air Force for 17 years.

Image by Nina Sundqvist

Håkon Haugli

Håkon Haugli has been CEO of Innovation Norway since 2019. He came from
the position as CEO of Abelia, NHO's association for knowledge and
technology companies. He was a member of the Norwegian Parliament for the Labor Party in the period 2009-13. As a
member of parliament, Haugli was a delegate to the UN General Assembly and the Council of Europe's
Parliamentary Assembly.

Haugli has worked for Gjensidige Forsikring and McKinsey, among others. He sits on the board of
Arbeidsgiverforeningen Spekter and has previously been a member of the board of Lånekassen,
as well as SINTEF's council and the Patent Board's council. He holds a law degree from the University of Oslo.

Image by Aina Valland

Aina Valland

Has worked in the seafood industry for over 20 years, much of that time in the employers' organization Sjømat Norge, which is part of NHO, is a civil engineer in environmental and resource engineering.

Has worked in Lerøy Seafood Group for 1.5 years and has built up a department within communication and public relations. Passionate about the seafood industry because it is an important producer of healthy seafood that creates major ripple effects in Norway.

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